Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update #2: Going For It Again...And Again...And Again...And Again

...the transition.
...the process.
...that what is happening is right.
...that spirit and your heart know best even if the mind questions.
...that you will survive and flourish.
...that you are powerful.
...that you can create what you need.
...that it is all good.
And ACCEPT the present moment just as it is...imperfectly perfect in every way.

Hello, my friends!

My 2013 auditions for MFA acting schools begins TOMORROW!


I just have one small favor to ask...

It would mean soooooo much to me if you would keep me in your thoughts/prayers and send me some of your positive energy and well-wishes on the following mornings...

Thursday, Jan 24 = Old Globe MFA audition
Friday, Jan 25 = NYU Grad Acting audition
Saturday, Jan 26 = Juilliard MFA audition
Sunday, Feb 3 = Yale MFA audition

All of your collective supportive thoughts make all the difference in the world. I truly believe that.

And just so you know where my head is at these matter what the "outcome" of these auditions (acceptance or no) I am trusting that it'll all be for my greater good.

These past three years of NOT making it into grad school have been some of the most profoundly challenging and transformative of my life. I would not change a thing.

That said...I'm going in there and giving the universe another opportunity to open one of these doors for me. I'll keep knocking until I'm ready to move on. So for now, I'm giving it another shot!

Let's DO this!!!

Sending best wishes to everyone who is getting out there and auditioning this year! Be your brilliant selves!

XOs to all.


Timing is everything. It really is...
Just because it worked yesterday, doesn't mean it'll work tomorrow.
Just because it didn't work yesterday, doesn't mean it won't work tomorrow.
- Joseph Jaffe (