Juilliard - NYU - Yale

"Why is this crazy girl so obsessed with these silly schools anyway?" You may ask. Well, that is a very good question and I shall attempt to satisfy you with an answer...

But before I begin, I must say that my reasons for loving these schools are MY reasons. Everyone has different needs/wants/career goals/expectations. These schools just happen to "fit" for me.

Other people may disagree with my reasons and that's perfectly fine and very sensible for them. Those who disagree need not apply.

However, if as you are reading my (many, many) praises for Juilliard, NYU & Yale's MFA Acting programs... and you start to feel that fire in your stomach and you're like...

"Dude, the fact that these havens for learning are even in EXISTENCE is so freaking awesome that I cannot imagine going to my grave without at least applying one time!" Then you SHOULD APPLY. Ya never know... you just might get IN! And your life will be changed FOREVER!

It's a free country. Normal young people, with no more talent or experience than you or me apply every year. And some of them are ACCEPTED.

Approximately 18 new students each year are admitted, out of the 1,000 (or so) that apply to each school.

I know. I know. That sounds like crazy-talk... 18 out of 1,000? That's less than 2%.

Seriously? Yes. Fo realz.

But don't be discouraged! If you never apply, then you'll DEFINITELY never be accepted.

So, if upon further research (certainly don't take my word for it) one of these programs seems like something you'd really love to be a part of (or any other school that meets your career-goal criteria and strikes your fancy)...

Don't let your fear of failure stop you from putting yourself out there and applying.

This is your LIFE. Do what you WANT!

Besides it can be fun and you'll learn a lot from the experience.

Don't get me wrong. It's not easy, but anything that's worth doing hardly ever is.

These programs are just so... TRANSFORMATIONAL! Eeeee!


I digress. Deep breath. I am clearly underwhelmed about this subject-matter. Soooo, anyways...

Things I LOVE about the programs at Juilliard, NYU and Yale and the main reasons (in my humble opinion) they are (amongst) the best places in the world to train for a career in acting.

(These will likely be subjects of future blog posts...)
  1. Community
  2. Support
  3. World-Class Training
  4. Financial Assistance
  5. It's Not Who You Know. It's Who You ARE.
  6. Campus Environment
  7. Business/Launching a Career
  8. Preparation Meets Opportunity
  9. What's in a Name?
  10. Commitment
  11. Risk
  12. Confidence
  13. Tools
  14. Vocabulary
  15. Sustainability
  16. Reality Check
  17. East Coast (NY/New Haven)
  18. 24/7 Acting, Acting, Acting
  19. Giving Back
  20. Social/Political/Cultural Responsibility

How to apply...