Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2. You, Too, Can Become Great

Morning, party people!

I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support with my Acceptance Project. Wowzers!!! Thank you so, so very much to each and every one of you who have subscribed by email or have decided to follow via RSS or Facebook or bookmarking-the-page-on-your-phone or whatever. It's so fun too know that you're all out there!

"Really great people make you feel 
that you, too, can become great." 
~ Mark Twain

I'm not going to write a mammoth post today.... (Ha ha. Careful making promises you can't keep, Wilcox.)... But I have to say something about great people (which you are one, clearly, since you are reading this post!)  When I moved to NY, there was one thing that struck me about most people I met  (and I'm sure this is probably true of other cities too), here I was, surrounded by all these super incredible, amazingly talented, down-to-earth people and also, they were seemingly unaware of their greatness. It just seemed effortless. No biggie. Awesomeness = Business-as-usual. Hanging out with people like that on a regular basis, I began to feel like maybe there was a possibility that I could be great too someday... Or maybe I was already great... and just didn't know it either.

Surrounding myself with passionate people is the best way I have found to motivate myself to want to dream bigger and grow. Especially in acting... experiencing the great work of others inspires me to want to aspire to do great work. Which is one of the main reasons that I'm super jazzed/obsessed/hopeful about attending grad school as an actor. I want to surround myself with great people... actors, teachers, designers, playwrights, etc... and then we can all jump in the creative sandbox, play together and see what happens. Who knows what will come out of it? But it's sure to be GREAT.

Happy Tuesday, folks.


P.S. Shout out to 'Alexis' and 'Unknown' for leaving me two beautifully insightful comments on yesterday's post. They're singing my soul!!! And maybe they're singin' for you too, so check out the comments button at the bottom of yesterday's post and be inspired. Like I said... Surround yourself with great people and.... magic. Love me some comments!!!


  1. WOW! This is amazing, I just saw this in my FB inbox. Thank you for this. Thank you for your bravery, your courage to share. And I just want to say that you dear are GREAT PEOPLE! We don't even know one another very well, yet :), but I knew the moment I met you that you are amazing and will achieve great things!

    If I can share anything about that running brain thing that happens of, "can I do this..am I great...good enough..fear...etc.." (and this may not apply directly to your latest post, I'm catching up read everything at the same time...) I would say I try to respond to those thoughts with, "Thanks for sharing, but I'm not interested." My brain tends to run a mile a minute and I try to counteract those moments of fear with something positive, "Yes I can do this, I'm doing it right now, I love doing it and I'm more than enough..."

    This blog is so inspiring and it inspires me to continue to uncover and feel my own greatness, thank you! Sending you BIG LOVE and positive energy!--Claire Kennedy

  2. Claire!!! Thank goodness for FB! Glad you clicked on the link. Love your comment. You are inspiring to me too. Glad we have crossed paths... Looking forward to more. :)

  3. Alexis, I shall add a finger-snap and a tip-o-the-hat to your jazz hands. Now that's collaboration! XO!