About Me

Virginia Wilcox

Email me at viavirginiawilcox at gmail dot com.
Twitter: @viavirginia
YouTube: vaNYtoCA

Born/raised in Walnut Creek, CA. Moved to New York to pursue a career in Acting in 2007.

  • B.A. in History from Cal State Fullerton (magna cum laude)
  • Certificate in Acting from Solano College's Actor Training 2-Yr Conservatory (Full Scholarship)
  • Home-schooled (High School)
  • Woodlands Christian (Jr. High)
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary

Union Affiliation:
AEA (since 2007)

For more on that, go to www.VirginiaWilcox.com or my Actors Access page. My YouTube channel is... vaNYtoCA.

Current Day-Job:
Executive Assistant (Madison Ave, NY)

Past Day-Jobs Include:
Freelance PR Account Associate
Promotions Representative
Coat Check Girl
Data Entry/Excel Specialist
Children's Theatre Camp Director/Instructor
Assistant Box Office Manager
Retail Shoe Sales Associate
Office Assistant

My Mantra:
"I love to be doing only that which is truly good for me."

5 Daily Habits That Make Me Happy: 
1. Eight Hours of Sleep
2. Daily Morning Pages: Three pages of handwritten stream-of-consciousness writing
3. Eating small/sensible/healthy meals/snacks every 3-4 hours
4. Daily Exercise: Yoga, Running, Zumba, Tap Dance or Elliptical
5. Loving the people that I care for and caring for the people that I love.



Name Definition: "Virginia"
My Grandma Wilcox passed away when I was 16. She always called me "Dear Heart." She showed me, by example, what unconditional love was. The paragraph below was taken from a card she gave me for my birthday one year. Clearly, the words rang true... because I've kept it all these years. It was one of the few items that made the cross-country journey with me when I moved from CA to NY. Maybe it's silly, but I like to imagine that she always knew the kind of woman that I would grow up to be... or maybe, it just that she inspired me to want to become more like her...

"Though sometimes lost in fantasy, she is first and foremost a serious-minded woman. She leads a highly organized life. Her attitude is conscientious and professional, and her decisions well-considered, for she always carefully weighs the issues. If at times she is a touch too sensitive, she also has a keen sense of irony and a vivid imagination. She doesn't hesitate to fight on the side of justice, and her devotion to others is comforting. The man who shares her life will be enchanted by the purity of her soul and the burning intensity of her passion."

Thaaaaaat's me!

~Virginia Wilcox