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They say your personal aquaintences are your BEST resources.... and circles rise together! Below, I've listed some personal friends of mine who are "livin' the dream," pursuing their passion (mostly in the entertainment industry)... and they have cool websites that I want to share with you!

Adam Gilbert (fitness guru)

Alysha Umphress (singer, actress)

Aron Campisano (director)

Brette Goldstein (casting director)

Briana Davis (singer, actress)

Carl Faber (lighting designer)

Chelsea Costa (singer, actress, dancer)

Chris Fore (actor, singer, dancer, photographer)

Christopher Violett (singer, actor)

Elias Escobedo (actor)

Erin Shaw (actress, business owner) &

Jake DeGroot (lighting designer)

Jessica Raaum (actress, singer)

Jodie Bentley (actress, acting business coach) &

Justin Waggle (actor, director, web designer) &

Kristin Price Wilson (voiceover talent, actress, singer)

Lianne Marie Dobbs (singer, actress)

Linda Jones (voiceover talent, actress)

Mara Davi (singer, actress, dancer)

Marian Partee (actress, singer, writer)

Michael Cassera (casting director)

Mindy Lym (actress, singer, teacher)

Molly Alvarez (actress, dancer, singer)

Nick Dothee (singer, actor, recording artist)

Ryan Foy (singer, actor, web designer) &

Tony Howell (actor, dancer, singer)

(Please email me if I've neglected to include anyone!)