Sunday, November 17, 2013

The CA Family Play #9: "Flooded With Light"

Hello, my friends!

It's really happening.

Here is your invitation to the performances of the CA family play that I started working on earlier this year. Stan Richardson (the playwright) has titled it "Flooded with Light." Doesn't that sound amazing?

I'm overwhelmed at the prospect of having an audience see this (very personal) piece of art. Hope you'll be able to make it. To make a reservation email

Thanks for all your kind words of support throughout the process. Sending you all big love.


the representatives

Flooded with Light

a new apartment play

written by Stan Richardson
directed by Lee Sunday Evans
with David Rosenblatt, Matt Steiner & Marguerite Stimpson

A biting new play about zealotry, illicit love, and the costs of self-reinvention.
Wednesday, December 4th
Thursday, December 5th
Friday, December 6th
Saturday, December 7th
Sunday, December 8th

Wednesday, December 11th
Thursday, December 12th
Friday, December 13th
Saturday, December 14th
Sunday, December 15th

All performances at 8pm.


1 bottle of wine
(Please include a first and second choice.)
the representatives is the collaboration of playwright Stan Richardson and actor Matt Steiner. We make plays that come from our personal and political dreams and nightmares and we do it fast.

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  1. Virginia, I have been following you for over a year and just think you are so inspirational. I applied to grad school three times and hardly got any callbacks all three years and finally got into ONE school on my third try and feel very lucky for that. All of your callbacks to the top three programs are far more impressive than my one acceptance. You are obviously a very talented actor and I hope that you are still pursuing acting if that is what you want. On the other hand, you are an extremely talented writer and motivational speaker and overall "doer" in life and I know you will go very far. I would love to know what you are up to now besides this great project. Are you applying to schools again? Let us know! I know that I am just one of many fans.