Monday, September 12, 2011

7. Newsflash

A new development came to my attention late last night.

Scene: Imagine me riding the subway back to Queens from Brooklyn and reading the latest issue of American Theatre Magazine... as one does. (Ridiculously pretentious, right? Lol! Theatre GEEK!)

I am flipping through the pages searching for an article and am stopped cold.... when I happen upon this rather large advertisement with big red and white letters practically screaming at me from the page.

A-hem (throat clearing)... Hot off the presses, this just in...

Juilliard has recently added an MFA in Acting to their roster of programs. They have never offered this before.

Will a third school be added to the list of my potential destinations for Fall 2012?

Further research is necessary before such decisions can be made.


Stay tuned.



  1. Went on the Juilliard website last night and spent some time reading all about the program and the application process. It's really, really inspiring. I love how socially conscious the program is... especially the Graduate Seminars. They have such a global perspective. It's incredible. I'm very excited about the possibility of applying there. We'll see how I feel after the campus tour!

  2. Ok well my post was deleted--dang computers--it was basically this:
    "Yesss" is right! I hope you end up loving the tour--good things come in threes! :) I read your "Secrets of Adulthood." I didn't see them before; are they new? How did I miss them? Anyway, I LOVE them! Found myself ooh-ing and ah-ing as I went down the list. Good stuff, and THANK YOU! I will add if I find something worthy :) All pumped up for the day now!

  3. Yay! I am so glad you like the "Secrets of Adulthood." I will probably send it out as an official "post" at some point. But for now... it's a nice little "find" for those who are dedicated enough to stumble upon it. :-)