Tuesday, February 28, 2012

152. Any Word From NYU?

"Sooooo...any word from NYU?"

I keep getting asked this question. And the answer has been "no" for quite some time...Much longer than I'm comfortable with.

And though "no news is good news" has been a comforting thought for me on these long winter nights...I finally lost my taste for patience and emailed Jonathon Ward, NYU Grad Acting Department Administrator. I sent him a short/sweet email simply inquiring about the status of my application.

I have friends that have received a "rejection" email already and another that has received a phone call inviting them to the final callback weekend.

Me? I've heard nothing...nada.

Don't mean to be pushy...but just wanted to make sure they didn't mis-type my email address into the system for that rejection email.


And Jonathan kindly replied back to inform me that I have not received an email or a phone call because I am in a pool of people that NYU will be contacting if they aren't able to assemble a class of 18 from the group of 50 actors they invited to the final callbacks...a.k.a. I am on the "wait list"...again...just like last year.

Good news: I have not been "cut." I am grateful to still be "in the running."

Bad news: I am essentially a "back-up" option. (Psychologically, this is not exactly a confidence-building way of viewing oneself.) Also, Jonathon didn't mention in his email how many people are in this wait-list "pool," but if it's anything like last year...there are probably about 250 of us wading around in it.

I mean...I'd LOVE to be NYU's FIRST choice, but if I make it in the end...I suppose it doesn't really matter if I was the "first choice" originally or not.

So we'll see how it goes... I'm not going to hold my breath though.

(Photo by L-Netz)

How's that for a sunshiny positive attitude? LOL!

I will probably hear back from NYU again the week following the callback weekend...so that's...I don't know...some time after March 20th probably.

Soooooo there will be mooooooore waiting in limbo.



  1. So glad you emailed him! I also haven't heard anything back yet and knew that others had heard! Im in the same boat as you- i got to this "wait-list" point last year as well! so frustrating!


  2. So maybe the sunshine is - you don't have to tell them you can't make callback weekend, and you are still in consideration. Sounds like the fates are looking out for you.

    I have been 2nd choice (or maybe 5th) several times for roles. It's easy to feel that it's me that is worth "less" somehow. But I DID get the parts - and the wonderful experiences I had were all mine, no matter what incredible chain of events had to happen to get me there.

    Best of luck,