Monday, November 21, 2011

67. Feedback Request: HEADSHOTS

"If you look for what's right - in others, in relationships, in yourself and your journey - you'll always find it. Same when looking for what's wrong." - Mike Dooley, Tut's Universe

Looking for my best option for a "get-me-into-grad-school" headshot.

Actually, the photo I give them with my application really has very little influence on whether or not I will be accepted. According to all information that I've gathered and my past experience, the headshot is not a big factor (if at all) in the decision-making process of who does or does not make it into the program. They just need it to be able to remember what I look like.


I would like to have a shot that is an accurate representation of WHO I AM now.

So please take a moment to look over the choices below and comment on the blog page if you have an opinion.

Keep in mind that all photos are currently untouched... so the final version will be color-balanced and light-adjusted.

MOST IMPORTANTLY... look for what's going on in my EYES. That's the key to a great headshot. It's not about being PRETTY, it's about communicating my ESSENCE.

In your comments, please be sure to include WHY you like any given photo and what you think it's communicating about my personality that you think is valuable for my use as a "get-me-into-grad-school" headshot.

Thanks for your, help, my CREW!







BIG thank you shout out to Dylan Patrick for his amazing photos! The above are only a tiny sampling of all of the kick-ass shots he took in our session. If you want to see a great "body shot" that Dylan took of me... check out the "HUMANS" gallery on his website. It's HOT!

Dylan has been a DREAM COME TRUE to work with every step of the way. He's 100% pro... and super FUN. If you are in NYC, I highly recommend hiring him to take your photos. Can't say enough about how much I've loved working with him. Thanks, Dylan!

Loves to you all, thank you for sharing your thoughts and happy monday!


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe



  1. okay, you asked for it: my honest opinion...
    I can easily narrow it down to the first three (3211,3059,2941). You have a beautiful smile in the last three, but it's so broad that it closes your eyes off a bit... almost like you're hiding behind a hearty laugh (and I know you're all about "putting yourself out there" right now).
    Here are my thoughts on the first three:
    3211: very intimate and relaxed. I like how close it is and how soft you feel and how easy it is to see the glimmer in your eyes. But it might be a little low-energy to honestly represent you.
    3059: You're saying something here. I'm not sure what it is, but you're very animated. Maybe "here goes nothing" - which I'm not sure is something you want, but it seems appropriated. What I know I like about this picture is you feel very open to anything... quirky hopeful, light and bright and breezy.
    2941: Honest. Simple. You. I wish it was cropped differently. As is, you feel a little distant (and I'm not a fan of so much skin showing... it distracts from what's going on in your face/eyes).
    There you have it, XOXO

  2. My favorites are 3211, 2931 and 3028.
    3211: I like the framing, and you come across as very warm, confident and relaxed. There's a little glint in your eyes that makes it seem like you might be up to something, which is awesome.
    2941: I disagree with Rieker on this one - I like the framing and don't find the amount of skin showing to be distracting. It's possibly my favorite as far as a standard "commercial shot". It does lack the "I'm up to something" gleam in the eyes, which I love in 3211.
    3028: This one almost seems like we caught you in the middle of something and you're turning towards us. It seems a little more spontaneous than the first two.

    The others seem a little "too much" - fantastic personality, but too much tension in the face. 3059 would be a good "companion picture" to a serious, relaxed one, but I don't feel like it's a good primary shot.

    But dang, girl - you're gorgeous! Great photos! Hugs, K

  3. 3059! Beautiful! Love, Lexy

  4. 3059 for the reasons that Rieker laid out (I agree) and 3028, for the reasons that Kristin said. I'm too lazy to write out my own reasons, but I think those are the best!

  5. Hi
    Don't know you more than from the blog, so am not sure I know your true spirit, but am going to take my "right" to comment on the photos anyhow. First they are beautiful all of them.

    But narrowing down I agree with the previous about 3059 or 3028,
    3059 eyes are better but 3028 is more relaxed overall.

    And out of them 3059 is my favorite.

    But when I look at them yet again the first one is great as well. Can see that you have a hard time choosing.

  6. Whenever I ask people to evaluate my headshots they hardly ever fail to pick the one I like the least. I hope that won't be the case in this instance. So, here goes...though I have only met you once, 3059 I think it the both the best of the lot and the most representative of the person I met.

  7. You got me to comment on one of your blog posts! ;) First of all, as usual, you are gorgeous! I love all the shots! :) And your hair is so much longer than the last time I've seen you or even a picture of you, apparently.

    As far as favorites, I think mine is 3211. I like the framing and that it's a little more of a close-up. I also like the sweet smile, mixed with a little spark of coy mischief in the eyes. A close second is 2941. Perhaps that it already has great lighting, but there's just something about that shot I like. Hope that helps a little bit! So proud and constantly inspired by how you are always working toward your goals!

  8. 3211 and 3059. 3211 seems a little dark -- can they lighten it up at all in post? I agree with Kristin that 3059 isn't great for a primary headshot, but I like the vulnerability and humor it shows without seeming too needy. You have great options though. They remind me that I need new color shots...

  9. Annnnnd the winner is...3059! Thanks to all of you for your help!