Monday, November 28, 2011

73. Juilliard On The Web

Okay... This is soooooo freakin' cool!...

Juilliard posted an on-the-web Q&A session about the MFA program (though much of it applies to the BFA too).... It is soooo great. Informative. Inspiring. And no need to travel to NY... It's available to EVERYONE through the miracle of modern technology. How's that for equal opportunity!?

If anyone out there is applying to Juilliard this year... PLEASE SEE THE LINK BELOW.


And even if you're not applying to Juilliard this year, check it out.

Benefits to you for watching:

A. Inspiring educational philosophy... Some schools have a take-the-student's-money-give-em-a-diploma-and-kick-em-out-the-door mentality. Not naming any names, but I haven't had a lot of "hand-holding" in any of my past collegiate experiences. Now... I ask you... What would our national student body be like if educational institutions all over the country shared the same kind of philosophy in nurturing the qualities of innovation and creativity in their students as Juilliard does? We might have some better educated and happier citizens... And a society that creatively collaborates in coming up with SOLUTIONS to problems rather than wallowing in conformity and egoism. Not sayin' the Juilliard-philosophy is the answer for EVERYONE. Just askin' the question...

B. You will get an idea of WHY I'm soooooo excited to apply to this school. Sure the name "Juilliard" is impressive... but WHY is it impressive? Because they have GREAT TRAINING. They don't turn out cookie-cutter actors. They guide individuals to find their own unique voice and give them the opportunity to practice their craft in an environment that's safe to take RISKS. Because pushing yourself past the point of succeeding and beyond into BIG-FAIL territory is the fastest way to learn and grow. Success will come along as a result extracting the fear of failing. (I digress.) Juilliard is setting you up for a career as a COLLABORATOR, a contributor to the process of building a piece of theatre/film/whatever... They don't want you to be a tell-me-where-to-stand-and-I-will-say-my-line-and-look-pretty kind of actor. HEAVEN! I've attended TWO of the live Q&A sessions in NY and watched this Web thingy... and every time I learn something new and I LoVE to hear how the faculty react to the same questions in different ways. They are so respectful of each other and of the students. It. Is. Awesome. But don't take my word for it... experience it for yourself.

C. You may start watching and think... "Gee, you know who would LOVE this? [INSERT ASPIRING YOUNG ACTOR'S NAME HERE]. I think I shall forward it to them, because THEY might be inspired by this and want to apply to Juilliard. Perhaps, by forwarding this on I could help change the trajectory of someone's life and that would make me feel really GOOD." Share the LOVE. Support each other's dreams!

Anyhoo, still working on the Juilliard Personal Statement. Why is it soooo much easier for me to write this freakin' blog than it is to write this two page essay?

Riddle me that?

Get back to work, Wilcox.



"A great way to give thanks for the privileges we've got is to do important work. Your job, your internet access, your education, your role in a civilized society... all of them are a platform, a chance to do art, a way for you to give back and to honor those that enabled you to get to this point. For every person reading this there are a thousand people (literally a thousand) in underprivileged nations and situations that would love to have your slot. Don't waste it." - Seth Godin, Seth Godin's Blog

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