Tuesday, November 29, 2011

74. Speak Your Truth

Sometimes I need to SPEAK words out loud in order to know if they are true for me. If it's false... it just feels wrong to say. Or maybe it's HEARing it out loud that's the thing? Anyway... it works.

"I am tired."

See?... Truth.

So the laaaaast step in writing this Personal Statement for Juilliard is to simply read it out loud and see if all of the words "ring true." (About to do this in a moment, in spite of the tiredness.)

And then I'll ask my roommate to proofread it, 'cause she's a pro and I ain't so good on grammar and tenses.

Remember, Virginia... the goal with this statement is HONESTY.

It's amazing how many layers of bullshit you have get through to get down to the simple truth. You'd think that knowing yourself would be easy... since you ARE you. But, no...

Anyway... Enough... It's getting late.

Where's my inspirational quote notebook? There's gotta be something in there about honesty or knowing yourself, ya-da, ya-da...


How 'bout this one?... I like this one...

"First you have to know what you want, then you find a way to get it. It's that simple. The person you need to please is yourself. And there's no risk of failure when you never give up." - Jen Gresham, Everyday Bright

Not a perfect fit for this post... but, then again, who knows? Maybe it is.

Speak your truth.

La la la,

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