Sunday, October 2, 2011

24. Questions I Like to Ask Myself…

“A true “don’t know mind” leaves a lot of room for your intentions to manifest in interesting and wonderful ways. When you commit to something 100%, without the need to know how you will get there, the universe will begin to weave it creatively into the physical world.” – Lena Stevens, The Power Path

I’m a big believer in the power of asking good questions.  There is soooo much information to be gained in the asking of a really great question. Coming up with a good question can take courage, insight, awareness and sometimes research.

But the BEST questions are really the simplest ones… and, oftentimes, have the most complex answers… because they can lead to more beautiful, revealing, scary, awesome questions. These are the questions that really need to be asked.

When I ask myself a question, I try not to have an attachment to the answer. I like to leave it open for a while… To relish in the asking and let the universe do the talking. I let it simmer on the back-burner of my mind.

In other words, I won’t ACTIVELY be thinking about it, but just let the question sit in my subconscious for a while. I trust that if I don’t muscle or force it, if I just patiently allow it to come…something will eventually pop into my head as a result of my asking. And… inevitably something always does… and sometimes this something bears a strong resemblance to a… ~gasp~ … “answer.” Shocking!

Warning: Homework Assignment Below…

So here’s a question that I loooooove, it’s one that definitely influenced the creation of this blog and my decision to apply for schmancy drama schools like Juilliard, NYU and Yale.

Now… adjust your brain to simmer. And ask yourself…

Q: What would you do if nobody told you that you couldn’t (not even you)?

Don't think about it... seriously. Just simmer. Get back to me in a week. I’ll check-in with ya’ll about it next Sunday and we can share about what comes up.

Become your own dream come true.


“Thoughts become things.” – Mike Dooley, Tut’s Universe

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