Saturday, October 8, 2011

29. Quote Of The Day/Year/Lifetime

“You cannot hold on to unsupportive relationships. Mothers are supposed to mother you. Fathers are supposed to father you. Friends are supposed to befriend you. And lovers are supposed to love you. You get the idea? Their purpose in your life, the underlying purpose of all of them is to support you in your life and your work. If they don’t, or don’t any longer, then it’s outski! You do not need them – on the contrary. If people neglect, belittle, accuse, or abuse you, and you’ve spoken to them about this and they keep doing it, say goodnight, Gracie.” 
– Kathryn Bild, Acting From A Spiritual Perspective

Let go of negative relationships and make room for people that support you in your life. 

Let. Them. Go.

Surround yourself with ((((LOVE)))) and don’t EVER settle for anything less. 

Nuf said.


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