Sunday, October 16, 2011

36. How I Found My Guy

“The world is a looking glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face.” – William Makepeace Thackery, novelist (1811-1863)

Today’s the day of the shoot, ya’ll!!! Gettin’ new headshots today!

I am prepared…
  • 8 hours of sleep… Check!
  • Bag full of assorted clothing options… Check!
  • Fully-stocked make-up case… Check!
  • Check-in-hand… Check!
  • Joyful sense of anticipation… Check!

Thank goodness for re-touching because I think I woke up with at least three new pimples today. Always, happens that way, right? Bleh! No matter.

“Flawed can be more perfect than perfection.” – Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

I am super grateful that it’s not raining and the sun is out! Hooray! We’re shooting outdoors… so we’re gonna have some goooood light this afternoon! Yes!!!

Who is going to be shooting these masterful photos you ask?

Answer to my photography prayers = Mr. Dylan Patrick @

I found him on Facebook. He shot my friend Anna Ty Bergman’s headshots and I thought her shots had great style, gorgeous color and really captured her essence. That’s what I’d like for my shots… ESSENCE… Thank you!

So I emailed him and inquired about getting together for a consultation. (Wanted to meet with him and see if our personalities meshed.) Like a total pro, he got back to me super fast. We set up a meeting. Chatted it up about headshots and the biz and life. He takes his business very seriously but with a sense of play, now that's my kind of guy. I was very impressed by how well he communicated his headshot-photography-philosophy. He's a generous, smart and talented guy who is very passionate about his work. He treats people with respect and professionalism annnnnnd has a sense of humor. Jackpot!!! Who could ask for anything more? 

I have learned, that when it comes to headshots… you really need to feel comfortable with the person behind the camera. Whatever emotional responses they evoke in you are naturally going to come through in the photos. 

Soooo if he/she makes you feel silly and fun… you’re going to get some great smiling commercial shots. If he/she makes you feel deep and sexy… then va-va-voom! … you’re going to get some H-O-T shots.  I’m going for open and approachable… sooooo when Dylan and I met up… and I saw how open and approachable he was… that he made me feel the same! Score! Found my guy!!! Sweeeeeet.

He shoots on the roof of his apartment on 10th Ave in Midtown. So I’m gonna head over there, hang out with him, his wife and his on-staff make-up artist…. have some snacks, maybe a drink, shoot-the-breeze and take some photos while we’re at it. Sounds like a rockin’ afternoon to me!  Life is good. I love New York.

Can’t wait to see how the pix turn out. And ya’ll can look forward to a future post where I will ask you guys to weigh-in on the headshot options, that is, of course, after Dylan and I get the chance to narrow down the best-of-the-best.

Let’s relax, have a good time and make some photo magic! Wish me luck!


“Be flexible in your plans, never blame the weather and continue to be a cooperative participant in whatever happens.” – Lena Stevens, The PowerPath

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  1. Happy shooting today! Can't wait to see the images! :) <3