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170. The Phone Call - Guest Post by Brittany V. Green (Part Four)

Here it is folks!!! The outcome of Ms. Brittany V. Green's NYU Grad Acting auditions...No need for any more waiting, waiting, waiting...

(She and I originally met at the same-day-callbacks at Juilliard. She agreed to write a series of guest-posts for the blog when she was invited to the Callback Weekend at NYU. If you're not caught-up on her story...you might want to read all three parts of Brittany's audition experience at the NYU Grad Acting Callback Weekend 2012. Click HERE to read PART ONEClick HERE to read PART TWOClick HERE to read PART THREE.)  

The Phone Call
by Brittany V. Green

It’s Tuesday night March 17th. Two days after my interview. I’m at work waiting tables. I had to work a double that day, which any other day would really suck, but today I was glad. It will keep my mind off of eagerly anticipating whether or not I got into NYU. 
At around 7pm I feel my phone vibrating. I go to the “phone/break” section of my job to check it. It’s a number that begins with 917… Hm, who could this be? An audition? That’s usually what it is when it’s a random NY number. Maybe NYU? Really? But it’s too soon. I feel another vibration, in my pocket indicating that I have a voicemail. Something tells me to check it right away. 
I go into the employee bathroom to get a quiet space. I check my voicemail. “Brittany, hey, it’s Mark Wing-Davey here, calling from NYU grad acting. Maybe you could give us a call? My number is (lists cell number)….Ok thanks very much, take care. Buh-bye” 
The BIGGEST smile emerges from my face. 
I leave the bathroom and a co-worker of mine who knows all about my audition journey is standing there. I look to him and say, “I think I just got accepted into NYU!” He goes…” What? Get ooooout!” I say… “No I just got a call from the Chair!” We have a moment of celebration.  
But I need to hear Mark say it for it to actually be real. 
I call him back. No answer…I leave him a message letting him know I’m at work but to feel free to call back. 
I try to go back to working but I CAN’T. I need to hear him SAY IT. It’s too much of a tease!!! I go back to the bathroom and call again. HE PICKS UP! 
I don’t remember word for word, but it went something like this… 
Mark: Hey Brittany how are you? 
Me: Good and you? 
Mark: Good, good, listen we’d like to offer you a spot. 
Me: YES! YES! (accepting) 
Mark: Yea we’d really love to have you, are you interested? 
Me: Yes, yes! I am interested! 
Mark: Ok good, good We’re excited to have you. 
Me: (Oh my gosh excited to have ME?!) Oh, thank you!!  
Mark: (chuckles) Ok great, but don’t put it out there just yet or on Facebook or anything, we’re still not done putting together the class. But make sure you let (alumni I knew from NYU) know.  
Me: Yes, yes definitely! Thank you so much. 
Mark: Yes, you should be getting a call soon about financial aid, and hopefully we can work something out that you can do. 
Me: Ok, thank you! 
Mark: Alright, talk to you later 
Me: Ok, buh bye. 
Mark: Buh bye. 
I left that bathroom feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD. I shouted it out in the back of the kitchen and I could hear “Congrats!” “Oh my gosh!” “You got in?!” I started praising God right there. 
“Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah! I’m gonna praise Him here RIGHT AT WORK! Thank you Jesus!” 
People laughed and cheered at this. 
You couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face that night. I felt amazing. 
The next moments were followed by, telling those close to me, and making sure to let them know not to congratulate me via Facebook. Keeping it hush hush was sooooo hard!!! 
But now it’s Monday March 19th, and the word is out!
Brittany Green is now an NYU Grad Acting Student!!! Thank you Jesus! 
Earlier that week I got the call from financial aid and was offered a WONDERFUL package! I was in tears when I got off the phone and thanked God some more! My mother was elated! 
And now the journey begins. Gotta move to an apartment closer to the school. Gotta save money. Gotta find roommates. Gotta get a healthy routine goin' on. Gotta figure out how much of a loan I need to take out for living purposes. 
All week all I could think about was how much my life would change in the next three years. The opportunities, the people I’d meet, the joy I’d have, the challenges I’d face, the growth I’d experience, and so much more! 
THIS is going to be the best three years of my life. 
God is so good. I give all credit, thanks and honor to Him. If it were not for Him I ASSURE you, I would not have this blessing. The way he has aligned things for me in order to get to this point is only from His works. 
I began my journey not even wanting grad school, and now look at me. He placed the right people in my life, guided me to the right resources, and helped me shine the way He knew I could. And I am so very thankful. I am so ready, and so happy to be able to Master the thing I absolutely LOVE to do. ACT! 
Look out for me world! Brittany V Green has arrived!!

Yes. She. Has. 

Finally!!!! A 2012 ACCEPTANCE story!!! Whooo-hooo! That's what this project is alllllll about!

Congratulations Brittany!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Wowzers, girl!!! You are sooooo right... Your life is about to change FOREVER. You are going to grow sooooo much from your time at NYU Grad Acting. This is only the beginning...sooooooo exciting! You are totally on your right path and doors are opening!!! Keeeeep going!!! Yaaaaay!


...Sooooo wish I could be there with you. You are gonna rock that school.

Make the most of every single moment of the journey, okay? I know you will!!! You have truly been blessed.

Sending you all my love,
"When you finally get that call, meet that person, walk that walk, and live that dream, do you think you'll even care that there were a few dark and scary moments in a journey that made them all possible? Trust me, you won't even remember. And won't you be glad you never settled for less?" - Mike Dooley, Tut's Universe

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