Tuesday, December 6, 2011

80. Live With Meryl (8:45pm EST)

"Everything we say signifies; everything counts, that we put out into the world. It impacts on kids, it impacts on the zeitgeist of the time." - Meryl Streep

Tonight!!! 8:45pm EST. Meryl Streep is doing a live online Q & A discussing her latest film "The Iron Lady."

Ms. Streep is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama and has gone on to create an acting career of unparalleled success.

This is gonna be fun, folks! Great actors talking about their work is sooooo inspiring.

Anyone wanna watch with me?

Click Here To Watch.

Looking forward to it, Meryl! Break legs!


"My success has depended wholly on putting things over on people, so I'm not sure that I'm that great a role model. I am, however, an expert on pretending to be an expert on pretending to be an expert." - Meryl Streep, Barnard Commencement Speech, 2010


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