Wednesday, December 7, 2011

81. Paid Vacation

You know what would be the most awesome day-off EVER?

Well, let me tell you...

I'd start it off by sleeping-in to the late, late hour of 8am.

I'd hop on the train and get a glorious hour-long massage from the loving hands and kind heart of expert massage guru Edan Harai of Kinetic Massage Therapy.

After that, I'd meet up with my dear friend and super-talented lighting designer Jake DeGroot, and we'd pop over to The Book of Mormon on Broadway. I'd laugh my a$$ off and jump to my feet with passionate applause at the amazing performance with all proceeds benefiting The Actor's Fund (my favorite charity organization).

After the show, I'd say bye-bye to Jake and then stop by Green Symphony and have a lovely time chillin' with my childhood friend and talented Broadway-up-and-comer Ms. Alysha Umphress, who will be opening On A Clear Day with Harry Connick Jr on Dec 11. Break legs, Alysha! Then it might be fun if singer/actress Dani Marcus walked in to Green Symphony and said hello... or if Angela Bassett (currently starring in The Mountaintop) walked in and sat down at the table next to us. How fun would that be?

I love New York.

Then...because one amazing Broadway show is really never enough...I'd head over to Venus In Fur and miraculously get a ticket from the "waiting list"... (The rest of the run being completely sold out!) I would get an AMAZING seat... E 102... Orchestra... On the aisle. Score! And I'd also miraculously have enough money in my bank account to be able to pay for this ticket. Double-score!

And then the show would be AMAZING and I'd wait around after... like a total FAN... and get to shake the hands of both Nina Arianda and Hugh Dancy...'cause I would be the only one crazy enough to wait around in the pouring rain to tell them that they're awesome...which I hope they already KNOW. But it's good to be reminded of these things, I think.

Lastly...I'd head back home to Astoria, take a hot shower and blog.

This would be my idea of an amazing mid-week-paid-vacation-day from work.

...And that's exactly what just happened!!! I just got to experience my ideal vacation day for REALZ people!

Gotta love playing hookie.

Actually... I'd PAY to be able to have this kind of day... but luckily I don't have to because I LIVE IN NY!!! Thank you, New York, for making this day possible.

Move here and New York will give you days like this too. True story.

Plenty of New York magic to go around,

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  1. I have had those days. Though you can substitute poetry for theater (which I also love). Viva New York!