Sunday, January 1, 2012

102. Harvard

Do you feel that in your current career path you are reaching your potential? Or might have the potential to reach your potential?

The reason I ask:
Last week I was reading an article from The Harvard Business Review (for funsies) during my lunch break at work. (LOL! These are the kinds of magazines we have laying around the office...Eat your heart out, People Magazine.) The article is entitled "Reaching Your Potential" by Robert S. Kaplan. You can easily imagine why it caught my eye, since my grad school goals have been motivated by this very concept.

The article is incredibly engaging and insightful. Loved it!!! And I've got to share some gems with you that are absolutely quote-worthy and are sure to excite those inspirational quote junkies out there.

The only context I will give you is that the article was primarily written for a readership that is on a "traditional" corporate business path. However, the concepts related within are universal. So no matter what your career path, you will find something relate-able in the excerpts below.

And without further ado, I shall allow you to enjoy them without any more interruptions from me.

Here's to 2012! And reaching your potential!


"Fulfillment doesn't come from clearing hurdles others set for you; it comes from clearing those you set for yourself."

"There's nothing anyone can do to prevent you from reaching your potential; the challenge is for you to identify your dream, develop the skills to get there, and exhibit character and leadership. Then, you need to have the courage to periodically reassess, make adjustments, and pursue a course that reflects who you truly are."

"I have seldom seen people hurt their careers by speaking up and appropriately articulating a well-thought-out contrary position (even when it was unpopular). However, I have seen many bitter and confused people who stalled their careers by playing it safe."

"Career Counsel: Follow Your Own Path

1. Managing your career is 100% your responsibility, and you need to act accordingly.  
2. Be wary of conventional wisdom. 
3. Have faith that, although justice may not prevail at any given point in time, it should generally prevail over time."

"Choosing a field you love gives you strength to weather the inevitable setbacks and long hours needed to reach your full potential in any career."

P.S. Don't be confused by the title of this blog post...I'm not applying to Harvard too!!! LOL! (I suppose there's always next year...or maybe not.)


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